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Bride Bomber Jacket

Actualizado: 23 may 2022

bridal winter jacket

A bride thinks of everything. Every detail of the wedding is previously analyzed in her head and she tries to imagine how everything will be on such a long awaited event.

For more than 8 years I lived closely the realization of more than 100 weddings where I worked as a photographer. I have been in every single moment of the course of the wedding and I understand the emotion that comes with such an important day. Each of the weddings I photographed started with the shot of the other protagonist of the day: the dress. The attire that involves months of preparation is thought out to the millimeter but something that the more than 100 brides I met along the way always forgot to take into account was the coat that would accompany the dress. Especially for those brides who were getting married in the winter season.

What should a bride wear to a winter wedding?

Whether for the photo shoot or for the outdoor ceremony, it is totally feasible to wear a garment that goes with the dress without losing the style or rather adding that detail that will take the whole outfit to a new level.

The Hanami bomber is just that perfect piece to complement the complete aesthetic of a cool bride who wants to add a contrast to her wardrobe and a bohemian air. A real dream look to accompany the coldest scenarios.

sustainable bride bomber jacket

Each of these jackets is made to order so customization is totally feasible. The touches of color add a creative flair that visually break up the look to create an original look.

We work in a sustainable way with the best Peruvian fibers in a slow and natural rhythm. We love to be able to offer the possibility of creating unique pieces and even more when it comes to the garment for such an important day.

Beautiful alpaca bridal jacket

The Hanami jacket is hand-woven with several strands and a special design stitch that give it that peculiar texture even more beautiful than a fur coat. It’s the perfect bridal winter jacket cause its design is super versatile to combine with any dress for weddings in cold climates.

Bride bomber jacket

A bridal bomber jacket is the final detail that you were forgetting in your list that in addition to use in one of the most important days of your life will become a favorite of your closet for life because its versatility make it perfect to make it even with a pair of jeans. As it is woven with one of the best fibers in the world its durability is guaranteed.

And if you have in mind any other design to go with your dress and keep you warm on your special day write us and we can knit it for you just as you imagine it.

Written by Sandra Villarreal.

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