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Our Production & Materials

All Iris Arco Knitwear garments are woven with the finest Peruvian fibers respecting natural processes in an ethical and responsible way. We are pride on making a sustainable product possible. With our proposal we invite you to start a more conscious way of consumption just from today.

alpacas in the field


Considered one of the best fibers in the world, alpaca yarn is a true luxury.

Its generosity is manifested not only in its origin, quality and beauty but also in its sustainability.

Its production occurs in harmony with nature, respecting the freedom of  alpaca and its natural cycles.

Why is alpaca wool so special?

-Its texture gives it an exceptional quality and lightness.

-Alpaca wool is three times warmer and more resistant than other yarns.

-It is thermal, as it adapts to the climate and resistant to water with its waterproof power
-It has an exceptional softness
-Its great quality also translates into its high durability.

By buying an alpaca product you are directly impacting in a positive way with the communities that live from its production

Photo Josiah Farrow from Pexels

Pima Cotton

Its long lenght and the hand harvesting that does not damage the fiber,  results in nothing more and nothing less than the best cotton in this world.


Photo Cottonbro from Pexels

alpaca wool in cones in a weaving workshop. The process of making an alpaca sweater and the detail of its colors is shown.

Unique knitwear
made to order

We take the time necessary to weave our pieces with the finest peruvian fibers such as alpaca wool, giving a new validity and meaning to the art of knittng.

We work under the concept of made-to order, in this way we avoid overproduction and encourage conscious purchasing. 

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