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Our Proposal

We believe in giving validity and
a new meaning to the art of knitting

My name is Sandra Villarreal and I am the designer and knitter behind Iris Arco Knitwear, a Peruvian brand/project that responds to the passion of a personal search and that results in distinguished and unique knitwear. 

I take the time necessary to weave with the finest Peruvian fibers, the models that make me happy, creating patterns without following trends, but my own instinct. A true luxury far from fast fashion that results in timeless pieces made to tell their own story. 


Our purpose


Our Story

I started knitting when I was 7 years old and since then I have never stopped.  It was when I found in knitting a means of creation and expression that I decided to turn it into a life purpose.

I design, weave and create the patterns of the models we offer, which are then transferred to the hands of expert weavers when an order is placed.

The name of the brand was born as a game by turning the word Arcoiris upside down, creating a fictitious character that gives life to the project inspired by color and its power.

Our Purpose

I believe that in such a fast-paced world, giving a space to ancestral manual techniques makes absolute sense. Being sustainable is not an option, it is a duty, a purpose in which we strongly believe. All of our pieces are created in an ethical way for both the planet and the people behind every step of the process.

Iris Arco seeks to give validity and a new meaning to the art of weaving creating at our own pace, unique and exclusive garments that serve as a bridge to manifest the authenticity of people. Unique sweaters for unique women.

We are a small business located in Lima Perú and we honestly embrace our slow and detailed processes to continue creating pieces full of love and intention.

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